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Never before have we seen such a shaking as it has been in the last two years. The world has changed dramatically. And with every change, comes a need for adjustments, so that there may be a seamless adaption into that change. Change brings within itself the obsoleteness of purpose, and the birthing forth of a new one. For example, when I was in University, my purpose was to graduate; when I landed my first job my purpose changed into something else.

These changes that are currently taking place in the world has left the majority of us in the Body of Christ asking God, "What is my purpose now in the midst of this pandemic?" What do you now desire of me today Lord?

First things first, let us zero in upon Jesus in John 17.

Jesus bows low, talking to His father. Lips quivering with passion and expressing His wants. Heaven Himself spreads His heart wide open, inviting us into the sacredness of God’s desire for us. The God-man’s heart pines, as he builds blocks of truth with His voice. So we see Him from afar. We watch Him move his lips, our eyes in wonder, wondering what truths He is articulating.

You see, from afar we see the agony upon His face, and we zero in like all good children...a few steps towards Him, and we pause, we try to read His lips, get a sense of what He is saying. And due to distance, or not drawing near ... nearer into His face ... all we do is lip read, and oh, our hastiness can only come up with the words, “I desire.” Yes! Rejoice oh child of the King, you have rightfully discerned. Jesus desires. But what does He desire? What anguish of want burns within Him?

It’s a seldom thing to find someone who wants you for you. And let alone, someone who would lose it in glee, eyes watering with excitement and say, “Thank you, for being you.” But that’s our Jesus, He bleeds in Holy love, enraptured with joy of seeing us. And says things too ridiculous for the religious mind.

So He prayed, “Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name, the name you gave me, so that they may be one as we are one.” John 17:11

The Name ... the Name of the son of his love. So for safety of our being He prayed. To be nestled away from worlds storms, mentalities and experiences, He prayed for us. We were called to live a life completely divorced from the pattern of the world’s brain — A system completely opposite to Heavens ... but here lies the amnesia of most sons: we have forgotten our principles. So in all meekness and sincerity we approach. We draw near, our eyes lensed with earthly interpretations of Him. How quickly we have discarded His kind words through Paul to the Romans,

“Do not be fashioned after and adapted to the external, superficial customs, attitude and low level frequency of this world, but be transformed by the entire renewal and transmutation of your mind, elevating your consciousness into the vibratory frequency of Heaven Himself, so that you may walk and know who the good and acceptable and perfect will of God is, the man Christ Jesus.” - Romans 12:2

We are transformed when we lean in our ears to His lips. He kisses heaven's mentalities into us, terraforms our concepts and diffuses wrong perceptions of Himself. Hence His garments chants,...

”Nearer, my God, to Thee

Nearer to Thee

E'en though it be a cross

That raiseth me.”

Melodies anew, to woo the heart closer still, our eyes into His eyes and cheeks to cheeks... But I must rush, for I have seen from afar, His lips make up the words, “I desire.” For complacency He is against, and the lazy He rebukes. So I must rush to give Him His desire, whatever my mind thinks He wants. For He desires.

There is a holy complacency that is our refuge from all unnecessary works and activities. But how can that be? Most of us, like good sons and servants have asked this question, “What do you desire of me Lord?”

And because we have somehow adopted some earthly and worldly mentalities, we miss His answer. And we somehow think, that just as our work places, friends and family mostly desire our service, gifts and efforts, so it must be the same with the Lord. Hence the Martha’s in us hurry to bustle a meal for the Lord. Others, lose their Davidic innocence as they deck themselves in Saul’s heavy armour to face a Goliath. How subtle is the wrong interpretation of God’s desire!

I have had some moments; precious times whilst in a Bible study setting, or just with christians who mean well, discussing current affairs. In these moments, my heart's eyes have been privileged to journey into worlds of greener pastures. Whilst conversations are going, I have seen Him. Gracefully strolling in fields of green, smile beaming with an open invitation. And He waves at me, beckons me from afar, and says, “Come! Forget the unnecessary what’s what in the world; how to interpret the right passage, who's who....Forget my love, and just come be with Me. Come and be with Me.”

So I ask you this, above all, what does Jesus desire of you and from you? Borrowing words from John. I lay before you Our Lord’s pining heart.

“Father, I desire that they also, whom you have given me, may be with me” (John 17:24).

"I burn inwardly. Ache with untold longing, to have them perpetually found with Me. To be with Me. "

God’s desire for your life can be summed up within these ways, “Will you come away with Me and be with Me, My child?”

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