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The opening credits of Genesis are summed up in three words - “In The Beginning.”

And this phrase, which has become a household term, describing the very instant origin of creation, has a whole different other meaning.

The beginning; as outlined in Genesis 1:1 does not at all denote the start of time as we have come to accept, but rather, it denotes a house of creation — in which God tabernacled, to express His creative abilities.

So our Eternal One, formed a house called, “Beginning” (Bereshit) and then stepped into this house - as outlined by the words “IN” — and there He abode within the realm of creation, to manifest the universe and all its inhabitants.

Look at the picture I've attached to further illustrate my point. The faceless Universe Man, can be seen as “Him Who Is before All Thing,” — and the cube, with the sun in it, as the realm/house called “The Beginning.” This realm, is the birth place and the life of the universe.

The universe has parameters — For it is contained within that house called, “the beginning” — but “Him Who Is Before All” is beyond that house. Hence, referring to the Word as the universe, reveals to our hearts on how little of the supremacy of Christ we know, and this is insulting.

The Word is beyond the realm of “IN the Beginning”

~ Michael Aviel

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