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... and I heard once, “I WAS THERE !

I AM the hands that nursed you, I AM The breasts of bountiful Words that fed you. I was your cradle — in nights dark, Your side bed lamp.

I AM the One Who clapped and sang in joyous appraisal when you took your first steps. I cheered, 'Baby steps my love.'

And when you said My name for the first time —

My heart stopped, reminiscent as upon the cross — where I hung, stabbed in love with you.

I cupped your very first tears…as from the womb you burst — into this alien world.

And I continue to collect all those crystal droplets from your eyes.

I was there in the delivery room. I was there in the womb — I was there in the waters of the belly.

I was there when each cell joined itself to form you as upon My word.

I sang you into existence. Melodies of love formed your heart — songs of us, songs to guide you back home always.

I have always been, and will always be!” + Jesus

—~Michael Aviel

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