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Every reality of the Christ the prophets stepped into had no grid of reference. It was alien to the synagogue sermonizing and quant ‘treadmill safe doctrines,’ Israel abode on.

So you will find…as you step into Him, you are invited to the place that has no floor or footing. You stand in air, and yet this air is Christ himself - Unafraid sings to you, and Boldness calls you, whilst Wisdom beckons you to come deeper. Not deeper into the ‘motivational how to manage your life; or how to steer your prophetic gift, heal the sick,’ — but deeper into the revelation of Jesus the Christ.

And this revelation of Him, becomes the sword that separates. The sword is the wall that keeps those who through fear, pride and dead spiritualities stay outside of Eden. But we are not those! We are those who step through the flaming sword - the sword of Christ crucified upon a fiery seraphim. Beholding the six wings, a pair extended up and down as a vertical beam, and the other pair of wings opened wide open as the cross’ horizontal beam. And here we see, the Sword of the Word nailed as within the seraphim. He burns fervently in holy rolling love. Thunders of a God-man King. Jesus our love

And we approach the Man who is fire personified, as we hide underneath the wisdom of the cherubim. We are those who seek Him in all. Jesus and Jesus alone. A man who was the law and yet abolished the law - And yet in this place, we feel lonely…who will walk with us Lord? Who will be our companion in this journey…and yet his comfort comes through these words,

“You just focus on being my friend, and I will introduce you to my other friends.”

So I am looking for friends of the Bridegroom KING. -

~ Michael Gomes

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