Meet Michael

Entrepreneur, Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author, Vlogger, Podcaster and  Speaker

"I have had some moments, precious times whilst in a Bible study setting, or just with christians who mean well, discussing current affairs. In these moments, my heart’s eyes have been privileged to journey into worlds of greener pastures. Whilst conversations are happening, I have seen Him, gracefully strolling in fields of green, smile beaming with an open invitation. And He waves at me, beckons me from afar, and says, “ Come! Forget the unnecessary what’s what in the world. How to interpret the right passage, whose who. Forget all, my love...and just come be with me. Come and be with me.”

Michael Aviel

Melodies anew, to woo the heart closer still, the eyes into eyes and cheeks to cheeks...

But I must rush, for I have seen from afar, His lips form the words, “I desire.”

Michael Aviel